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I am excited about my 20th year at CMS. I would like to share our artwork with you on the scrapbook page, and the creative workings of our students on the album page through photographs. I hope our Art classroom will always be a place of creativity and discovery, a place of learning about visual art and how it connects us to our world.

Students in our Art classes will find that Art is more than they had previously thought. Art teaches much more than drawing and painting, it teaches students problem-solving, decision-making, and the use of higher order thinking. I will give students a problem and watch their individual (or collective) minds begin to solve it creatively and thoughtfully. It is a fascinating thing to watch. Thank you for giving me the priviledge.
Children manipulate materials and processes to find their own unique solution. Art teachers will guide and direct, but the student must be the one to reach into the unknown. Students are encouraged to stretch their imagination, to be observant of the world around them, and to think "outside the box". Our essential question is "What is Art?". The 9 weeks explores that question and students are asked to formulate their ideas and opinions in writing at the end of the term. Students express themselves and find meaning in visual and written form.
Students learn that Art connect us to the math world as we use measurement, manipulate spatial area, symmetry, shapes, forms, ratios and percentages of color mixtures. Art connects with science as we study light, color theory, nature, and fire and glaze pottery. Students may not like their pottery, but they love the process of making a lump of clay into a 3-D sculpture with a glassy shine. Art also connects us with social studies as we study artworks from many continents and countries. Art is culture and we learn to appreciate and respect all cultures. When we look at visual reproductions we see an image captured in another time and society, distinctly different from our own. Art is also discovered through reading. We will read about artists and art movements in small bites, practicing our reading skills. Students often ask how I know about artists. My answer is simple, "I read".

Other than being crazy about Art, let me tell you a little about myself. I grew up in Dothan, Alabama and am a huge "Alabama" fan. Roll Tide! As an only child, I had lots of time for art and reading, still my favorite things. My bachelor's degree is in Art Education from Asbury College, now Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky. I earned my Reading certification several years ago. I have completed my Master's degree from Lesley University. My husband and I have two children, a son,who has graduated from Kennesaw State University, and a daughter who is a junior at The University of Alabama. We are left with an empty nest, and a spoiled dog and cat. - Mrs. Bickford

Requirements and Purpose

Requirements: Any student who is interested in art club must a complete an application.
The purpose of the Art Club is to work on art projects for Cass Middle, independent studies, and group projects.
Club Sponsor: Phyllis Bickford ;