Faculty and Staff » 6th Grade

6th Grade


Teacher Subject Office Hours Contact
Laura Hayes Math Tuesday & Thursday laura.hayes@bartow.k12.ga.us 
David Dale Science Wednesday & Friday david.dale@bartow.k12.ga.us 
Ashley Turner ELA Tuesday & Friday ashley.turner@bartow.k12.ga.us 
Angela Neal Social Studies Monday & Thursday angela.neal@bartow.k12.ga.us 
Torre Mortimer
Tuesday & Thursday torre.mortimer@bartow.k12.ga.us 
Wesley Thompson
Monday& Wednesday wesley.thompson@bartow.k12.gs.us 
Sheryl Brown
Social Studies
Monday & Thursday  sheryl.brown@bartow.k12.ga.us 
Michelle Lemons ELA Tuesday & Friday michelle.lemons@bartow.k12.ga.us 
Jesse Simpson Social Studies Monday & Thursday jesse.simpson@bartow.k12.ga.us 
Lisa Wilson Math Tuesday & Thursday lisa.wilson@bartow.k12.ga.us 
Denise Edwards Science Wednesday & Friday denise.edwards@bartow.k12.ga.us 


 Office Hours take place from 7:30 AM- 8:15 AM.

This is a perfect time for students to catch up on missing work or to receive tutoring from their teachers.