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Medical Information

Summer is the best time to prepare for the upcoming 2019/2020 school year.
Cass Middle School will need to have updated plans of care for children with chronic health conditions, including asthma, allergies, diabetes and seizures. You can find these forms under nurse/clinic forms on the Bartow County School System webpage. This documentation will need to be completed, signed and dated after
May 24, 2019 and before August 6, 2019 before any medication is accepted and administered at school.
Thank you for completing this necessary paperwork to help us provide the best care for your child while at school.
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Parent Involvement Invitation

Cass Middle School participates in the Title I Federal Schoolwide Program. Title I provides funds and services to help all children be successful in school. A requirement of the Title I program is for the Parental Involvement Policy/Plan to be reviewed and, if needed, revised annually. The Parental Involvement Policy/Plan integrates all the parental involvement strategies, activities and services for programs that may be offered at our school such as those for students who are limited English proficient, disabled, migratory, homeless, economically disadvantaged or in need of additional academic assistance.
We believe that your involvement with your child’s education is essential to his/her academic and future success. We would like to invite you to participate in the reviewing and revising of our Parental Involvement Policy/Plan.
The first meeting is scheduled for June 5, 2019 at 1:00 p.m. in the Media Center at Cass Middle School. There may be additional meetings as needed before the completion of this project.
Together with you, we will produce a written policy that will assist in improving achievement for all students and increasing parent involvement. The plan will be distributed to parents of Cass Middle students as well as being made available to other interested parents in the district.
Thank you in advance for your participation in this very important process.
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School Choice Changes

Please see the attachment for School Choice procedure changes. The application process will open at 8:00 a.m. on March 18, 2018 and will close March 30,2018 at 4:00 p.m.
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Success Starts Here!

Check out this YouTube video regarding one of our Bartow County graduates. He talks about how the BCCCA was so important in his post-graduation success.
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Calling all Cass High Graduates

Cass High graduates have huge roles in today’s working world. CMS is gathering data to see what different types of jobs are occupied by Cass High Alumni.
Please take this quick survey if you graduated from CHS.
Please share with other CHS graduates. Results will be shared in October.
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